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Technical Resume

Welcome to technical resume website. This website is developed in such a way so that you can easily understand how to create a resume for a technical job. The format contains each and every element which is essential for a perfect resume. The resumes contain various aspects such as career objective, educational qualifications work experience etc. Technical resumes are created in both ways, for fresher as well as for experienced candidates. There is a certain difference between these two that is depicted in the formats and examples. For more such resume examples, check this from
Technical Resume

Your resume must be different from others because there might be many candidates who would be seeking the same position. Our resume samples offer you the way of drafting a resume in an effective way. Moreover, if you pursue these formats your resume will be popped out and you may get the expected position in an organization. However, it is important to observe these carefully and create your own resume in a unique and standard way. Our intention is that to provide you guidance regarding technical resume writing in a unique and attention grabbing way.

The best technical resume contains following aspects

Career profile
This section includes your future plans and goals as well as what strategies you have for your development after joining an organization.

Objective / Core competence
This section should involve key skills that are essential for the particular job application.

Educational qualification
Educational qualification provides the information regarding your academic qualification as well as the certification course completed in the particular area or subject.

Technical skills
This section is important as it shows your technical abilities and potentialities. It should involve the name of technical courses, technical languages, and computer application programs.

This section contains the names of the organizations of which you have a membership.

Professional experience
This section furnishes information regarding an organization in which you have worked previously as well as currently. It should contain the names of a couple of organizations and the time span.

Personal details
This section contains personal information such as name, designation, marital status, phone number, and email id etc.

Additional aspects
You can add some other aspects such as awards, preferred places, hobbies, and reference.

Tips for writing an effective technical resume

A resume should include enough information so that you can show your personality traits as well as technical abilities. It should not be so short or so long. On the other hand it should be well formatted and well written. It should be concise but should include all relevant points.

  • A resume should include enough information which can help recruiter to hire you for the particular job post
  • It should be well maintained and well formatted i.e. every element should be in proper order and enough space should be there in between words as well as sentences
  • Text should not be vague. It should be clear and precise. Action words like preparing, organizing, analyzing, researching, implementing offer a dignified look to a resume
  • It should be written and balanced in a way so that it can catch the attention of a recruiter
  • Technical skills should be included as it is a technical resume
Moreover, this website offers you all such kind of stuff for effective resume writing for the job posts that come under this section.

Sample Technical Resumes

Here are some of the free samples of technical resumes for you. Feel free to use them for your personal use. Please do not put these as it is on any other website.

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Cisco Network Engineer Resume
Technical Support Officer Resume
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Technical Sales Resume
Technical Recruiter Resume
Technical Project Manager Resume
Technical Product Manager Resume
Technical Operation Manager Resume
Technical Marketing Resume
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Technical Leader Resume
Technical Lead Resume
Technical Instructor Resume
Technical Expertise Resume
Technical Executive Resume
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Technical Editor Resume
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Technical Director Resume
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Senior Technical Writer Resume
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SAP CRM Technical Resume
All the samples on our site can be used to create your own resume. But none of them should be used as it is.

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